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Safety Icons

Make sure you meet your duty of care to employee and personal safety. To help you, we ensure all HSS products conform to the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Eye Protection

All round protection: grade 1 goggles to EN 166.B

Less hazardous work: grade 2 spectacles.


Breathing Masks

Breathing mask levels:

1. General Purpose, Disposable Masks

General purpose, disposable masks for low-risk dust and water-based airborne sprays.

2. Respiratory Disposable Masks

Respiratory disposable masks with charcoal filter for welding fumes, ozone and most nuisance level odours.

3. Consult Product Supplier

Consult product supplier for guidance and COSHH data information.


Welding Masks

Welding masks or goggles are included with your equipment.


Ear Defenders

Protection against high noise levels. Earplugs are suitable for short-term work.


Safety Footwear

To BS EN 345 for toe protection.


Vibration Caution

The Construction Confederation and Hire Association Europe in partnership with the HSE have developed a simple 'traffic light' system of colour coding to show the vibration risks associated with tools and equipment. All equipment in this catalogue with a vibration risk follows the traffic light system shown below.


Protective Gloves

Gauntlets, PVC, cotton or rigger gloves for hand protection.


Safety Helmets

Protect against falling objects. Compulsory on site. Bump caps protect from overhead obstacles.


Power Breaker RCD

Residual Current Devices protect from electric shock. Strongly recommended for electrical equipment used outdoors or in damp conditions.

Personnel Lifting

Equipment designed for personnel lifting. Use of safety restraint harness recommended.


Vertical Lifting

Use only for vertical lifts. Position or suspend equipment from a safe point to take weight of load and equipment.


Angle Lifting

Use at any angle for lifting, pulling or dragging. Anchor to a secure point able to take load force applied. Allow for contact friction if dragging.

Sling Lifting

Do not use "load" cable/chain as sling. Prevent hook overcrowding, with a "bow" shackle. Join lifting equipment with a 'D' shackle. Protect sharp edges to prevent load damage.

Stable Load

Ensure load is balanced & personnel stand clear. Attach "tag" lines to control rotation. Never leave equipment unattended. Ensure unobstructed landing site accepts equipment plus load in size & weight.

Hook Safety

Ensure safety catches are engaged and load chains/cables are untangled and hang freely.


Transport Symbols

Collecting it Yourself

If you are collecting equipment, weights are shown in kilograms and are supported by symbols indicating the type of vehicle needed, Where no symbol is shown the equipment may be carried in a family saloon.

Estate Car

Items can be transported in an estate car.


Items can be towed.


Items can be transported in a truck.

7.5 Ton Truck

Items can be transported in a 7.5 ton truck.