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FAQs for hire procedure

How is the lease charged?


This is the price for the first 24 hours.


For each additional 24 hours after the first day or week rentals.

WEEKEND (Special offer: 3 for 2 weekend hire)

Reduced fee for weekend hire - Receipt midday Friday, return Monday afternoon - Rent charge for just two days.


The maximum possible equipment charge for 7 consecutive days.

 * The billing period may vary for equipment supplied by a dealer. The "Rent 3 for every 2 weekends" is not available for the HSS One Call Products.

When should a product reservation be made?

Please, reserve the machine or equipment you are interested in as soon as possible, especially during the peak summer months and bank holidays.

Reservations can be made by phone or via booking on our website.

Is the delivery / receipt charged?
Charges of delivery and receipt of equipment vary depending on the distance of transported equipment and the transport of the equipment is planned during your reservation. Deliveries are made from Monday morning to noon and Saturday.
For big and trailer requiring equipment charges are formed depending on the type of equipment and are fixed in advance through the company's contract with the client.

Where do I return the equipment?
Regardless of the shop where you have rent your equipment you can deliver it at any store of our network which is nearest you.
We will receive your equipment as soon as possible, usually the next working day - one more solution for not losing any time!

What proofing documents do I need?
Usually you will need the presentation of two identities during hire: your credit card and driver's license or ID card showing the recent address.
If you need more information please contact the nearest branch office.

How and when is the payment made?
Credit Card
All major credit cards are accepted. In most cases this means that your rental is completed even before making the payment from the card. For long-term leases, charges are made every 2 weeks.
Cash or Debit Card
Customers that prefer to pay in advance a deposit of a weekly rental charge is required. On your return of the equipment the charge for the lease is removed and you get the rest back.

Is a payment in advance required?
Advance payment is required for all rental equipment. In order to avoid a cash payment you can guarantee the rental fee with your credit card.
Otherwise we may request a deposit equal to rent for up to two weeks which will be returned upon return of equipment after the liquidation of the debt.

What responsibilities on the return of equipment does the customer have?
The equipment is considered to be under lease until its return to a store of Hire Shops. If you wish us to receive it back, please contact us and get your number for your "rental fee" from customer service.
As to the safety of equipment, it is to be under the responsibility of the tenant until its return or receipt from our staff.

What happens in case the equipment gets damaged, lost or is destroyed?
Any damage or destruction of equipment is charged. Make sure the equipment is in a safe location when not in use and protected from vandalism or theft.
Equipment Insurance Program
To avoid unexpected charges, you can select the choice of the "Disclaimer Fault" program, which is equal to 10% of the rental price, in which case our company covers with compensation any damage to the leased equipment. Different conditions apply for products HSS One Call.
Equipment Insurance Program and theft
This is a more comprehensive program of compensation for theft of leased equipment. This "Disclaimer Fault" program which costs only 15% of your rental price includes not only the cost of repairing the equipment because of a failure but to steal it. For further information & contact details contact our stores.