HSS Hireshops - Tool and Equipment Hire
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We at HSS Hire Shops in Greece, are proud of our reputation in having the largest variety of machines and tools for rent, rent with the largest number of stores throughout Greece.

This means that you are conveniently able to receive tools and equipment you rent whenever and wherever you want them.

Just call anytime and make sure that the product you need will be available.

Each year we invest in new products, expanding the possibilities of your choice making your job faster, easier and above all safer.

In our catalogue, you will find the latest type of equipment by major manufacturers of machines, tools and equipment in the world market.


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12 Reasons to hire

  • Save money. You are not buying tools that lose their value over time
  • Save room. No need for storage space
  • You do not have machines that remain unused
  • No maintenance costs
  • No need to keep anything in stock
  • Plan ahead. You know in advance the cost of tools for each job
  • Clear your mind. You do not have to worry about replacing equipment
  • You do not have to postpone your business
  • The rent fee is deducted from the tax
  • Be productive. You always have the right tool for any work
  • No more misunderstandings and entreaties for borrowing tools
  • Be up to date. You use the latest technology and best equipment